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*Premium  Detergents, Bleaches, Softeners, Tide, Clorox Bleach, Clorox 2, Downy                                                 
                     Laundry Services
    When clothes are cleaned correctly, they look new for years.  We take professional care of your clothes. Picture this, Suits 2 Socks laundry and dry cleaning services picking up your dirty laundry on a monday and delivering it on a tuesday washed, dryed, folded or hung and even sorted. All you have to to do is put it away.  We never used recycled water and we sanitize our machines.                                                                                                                                    "All you have to do is Put it away."
Wash, Dry & Fold/Hang
(10 Hangers included)
$1.10 lb
Comforters, Heavy Blankets, Rugs
+1.00 per lb over 6 
Curtains and Drapes 
+1.00 per lb over 6
Shirts laundered (Pressed)$ 2.25
Tide detergent/Downy fabric softener$ .10 per lb
Separated/Clorox Bleach$ 2.50
Fabric Softenerincluded
Hangers$ .15 each
Hypoallergenic Detergent$ .10 per lb
Bounce, Dryer Sheets
$ 1.00
                                              WE ALSO CLEAN UGGZ
                   Premium Dry cleaning
     Your dry cleaning is valuable and very important to you. For that reason, we take the time, patients and care to make sure those garments look the way they did when you purchased them. When you experience the service we provide, you will never call anyone else again. 
2 Piece suit, Men's or Women's
3 Piece suit, Men's or Women's
Shirt or Blouse
  $ 5.40
  $ 9.30
  $ 5.25
  $ 5.35
  $ 5.25
Jacket spt
  $ 5.80
Lab Coat
  $ 6.00
Tux 3 Piece
UGGZ Boots
                                 Full Dry Cleaning Price list pg. 4